I love Unoriginal Thug’s blog, I feel I can connect with this blogger.


giving up fighting eyelids that refuse to shut
in the dusty moons reflection
staring blankly at space
meant to be filled with ideas or
awake is such a rare place to be
minutes become hours and before I know it
the birds are chirping
lonely echoes of cars starting
fill the empty streets,
I Google everything that comes to mind
like how to reduce pores or
what is Spain’s national food
the weight of one more hour
sits comfortably on my chest,
and yes I feel tired but not enough
to drown in a slumber
that will have me looking forward
to tomorrows endeavours
people prance around my brain
taunting, sometimes enlightening
the days failures or losses
as I try to sleep and
my mind will not turn off
shut down
close off the night time thoughts
because there is no snooze button
so falling asleep has become…

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